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Initiation of a new Member

Bringing a new member into the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is an important event, one that should be conducted in such manner as to create a lasting, favorable impression of our organization. The initiation ritual may be used during regular meetings or, should the camp prefer, reserved for special meetings at which time several new members may be formally brought into the SUVCW.

A new member has lots of questions and is eager to become part of the camp. Don’t let him lose interest by not giving him lots of information and making him feel part of the group. Make sure he knows how to contact you and when the next meeting is.

The ceremonies given in the "Ritual and Ceremonials" manual are the only official ceremonies which can be used by the Order. The use of either the short form or long form is permissible in the initiation ceremony.

Use of Ritual Book. The use of (i.e., reading from) the Ritual book is discouraged during the initiation of candidates. It is urged upon the Commander to organize a degree team of members who have thoroughly committed the initiation work to memory. When the candidates are to be initiated, the degree team will take full charge under the supervision of the Commander, and upon the completion of the initiatory work the Officers of the Camp will resume their respective stations. The Commander may select any member to fill any particular office temporarily, for initiation work only.

Additions to Ceremony. During the initiation ceremonies, marching and evolutions, camp scenes, etc., in addition to those prescribed, may be introduced.

Camps are urged to illustrate the Long Form of initiation by the use of a projector. The Flag charge can be made especially beautiful by the use of appropriate slides.

The Guide should privately instruct each candidate in the salute to the Flag, the use of the gavel, how to enter, cross, or retire from the Camp room, etc., after his initiation, in addition to the instruction given at that time, so that he may become more proficient in their execution.

The following is some information and items that may be given to the new member.

* Initiation Ceremony - Short Form
  A copy of the Short Form of Initiation take from the SUVCW Ritual and Ceremonials Manual.
* Initiation Ceremony - Long Form
  A copy of the Long Form of Initiation take from the SUVCW Ritual and Ceremonials Manual.
* Sample Member's Handbook
  A copy of a Members Handbook that a Camp may want to develope.
* Video of the Swearing in Ceremony.
  Watch a Swearing in Ceremony conducted by the Lt Cmdr Edward Lea USN Camp #2, Houston, Texas.



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